Whistle Sports - Editor

  • NBC Sports "Thursday Night Football" (Online Ad Campaign)


Bacon (Stockholm) - Editor

  • Google "Doro" (TVC)
  • Google "Welcome" (TVC)
  • Google "Clue" (TVC)


72andSunny (Amsterdam) - Editor

  • Bugaboo "Wandering Star"


Vice Editor

  • My Giving Moment - 6 x Short Films


St. Joseph Communication - Editor

  • Hyundai "The Invitation" (TVC)
  • Kia (Internal Video)
  • Walmart "Holiday Wrap, Great Value" (Online Ads)
  • Campbells - "Soup Kits" (Online Ad)
  • Cup of Joe (Online Series)
  • Canadian Tire - "Huntshield" (Online Ad)


The Hive - Editor

  • Country Harvest "Harvest to Home" (TVC)


Sudden Storm Entertainment - Editor

  • Spy House (Feature)


Big Coat ProductionsEditor/Director

  • Love It Or List It (Television Series)
  • Love It Or List It Vacation Homes (Television Series)
  • Chefworthy (Title Sequence)


Draft FCB – Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

  • Molson Coors “Marketer of the Year Awards” – (Awards Video)
  • TD “ Bear” (TVC)
  • TD “ Grumpy Old Men” (TVC)
  • TD “Media Innovation Awards (Awards Video)
  • Thinsations “Reconnect” (Animatic Animation)
  • Glade “Holiday” (TVC)


White Pines Pictures Editor

  • Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel (Documentary Feature)


Surface Films - Director/Editor

  • Choco Jungle Project (Documentary Feature)


Cineflix Productions – Editor

  • Property Virgins (Television Series)
  • Salvage Hunters (Television Series)


Tricon Films - Editor

  • Marriage Under Construction (Television Series)


McCann Erickson Editor

  • Easynet "What’s Stopping You" (Corporate Video)
  • Ray Ban "Fearless Flyers” (TVC)
  • Hewllet Packard " The Hand" (TVC)
  • Walls "Milk Time" (Corporate Video)
  • Intervet "We Are Intervet" (Corporate Video)


Ocha Records – Editor/Sound Designer

  • Black Coffee – "Traveller" (Music Video)
  • Enawadden "Forever" – Atjazz Mix (Music Video)
  • Siso K feat. Tumi   "Lerato"  (Music Video)


1188 Films – Editor /Motion Graphics Designer

  • Much Music Halloween Promo
  • Tek Recon (TVC)


Lacoles Productions Editor

  • “Should’ve Been There” (Documentary)
  • Female Eye Film Festival – “Festival Trailer”
  • Food Network “Make It Raw” (Promo)


VMG Cinematic Editor/ Motion Graphics Designer

  • Rubbermaid “Storage Made Easy” (Online Video)
  • Samsung (In Store Promo)
  • Style Agents  (Web Series)
  • Rouge Magazine “Style How To” (Web Series)


Theatre D Digital - Editor/Colourist

  • Fighting Fish Pictures “Girls On Top” (Documentary)
  • BRAVO “Finding Daddy” (Documentary Short)
  • CBC “Road To Avonlea” (VT Inserts)


MELD Media - Motion Graphics Designer/Editor

  • Tabloid History (Promo)
  • Ontario College of Art and Design - (Online Video)


Crow TV Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

  • BBC 1 “Signs of Life” (Series Episodes)
  • BBC World “Visionaries” (Series Episodes)
  • ITV “UK Poker Tournament” (Series Episodes)
  • EA Sports “Virtual Me” – (Trailer)
  • Blakeway Productions “Rugby World Cup” (Promo)
  • BBC 3 “How Not to Move” – (Series Episodes)


Comic Relief - Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

  • Comic Relief "Vox Pops" (Television Broadcast)


UNIT Post Production Motion Graphics Designer/Editor

  • Madonna “Live Earth Concert” (Performance Visuals)
  • Canon “We Speak Images” Coast Productions (Promo)


Steam Motion and Sound Editor

  • Madonna “Get Together” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Linkin Park “What I’ve Done” – Warner Music (TVC)
  • Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Gnarls Barkley “Smiley Faces” Warner Music (TVC)
  • The Streets “When You Wasn't Famous” 679 Recordings (TVC)
  • Plan B “Mamma” 679 Recordings (TVC)
  • Plan B “No Good” 679 Recordings (TVC)
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Tell Me Baby” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Larikin Love “Downing Street Kindling” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Paris Hilton “Stars are Blind” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Nerina Pallot “Geek Love” 14th Floor (TVC)
  • The Crimea “White Russian Galaxy” Warner Music (TVC)
  • Fat Boy Slim “Live in Rio de Janeiro” Orange/Skint Records (Corporate Video)
  • Orange “The BRITS” (Corporate Video)

JJ Stereo Motion Graphics Designer/Editor

  • Ray Lamontagne “Trouble” 14th Floor (TVC)
  • Rooster “Staring at the Sun” RCA (TVC)
  • Faith Evans “The First Lady” Sony Music (TVC)
  • Natalie Imbruglia “Counting Down the Days” (TVC)


Flynn Productions - Motion Graphics Designer/Editor/Director

  • Def Leppard "C’mon" Polydor (Promo)
  • Sargeant "Sunshine" Mercury (Promo)
  • Sony Playstation (Pitch)
  • Whitney Houston “Greatest Hits” Sony BMG (TVC)
  • Katharine Jenkins “Rejoice” Universal (TVC)
  • Blake “Blake” Sony BMG (TVC)
  • "Dance Party 2" Sony BMG (TVC)


Clearcut Pictures London UK - Motion Graphics Designer/Editor

  • Newham Council "Olympic Torch Relay" (Corporate Promo)
  • Newham Council "Summer Events Promo" (Promo)
  • Newham Council "Newham Today" (Title Sequence)
  • Newham Council "Under The Stars" (Title Sequence)
  • Newham Council "Olympic Video" (Corporate Promo)
  • FRANK "Talk To FRANK" (Promo)


Minimart EditorMotion Graphics Designer

  • Dirty Dancing “20 Year Anniversary” (TVC)


EYE-D Creative- Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

  • Midway “Hour of Victory” Xbox 360 (Trailer)
  • Midway “Blacksite Area 51” Xbox 360 (Trailer)
  • Atari “Fun With Your Fingers” Atari (Online Viral)
  • EMI “A Day in the Life” EMI (Corporate Video)
  • Midway "Game Party" Nintendo Wii (Trailer)
  • Midway "Vegas" XBox 360 (Trailer)
  • Midway "TNA Wrestling" Xbox 360 (Trailer)


Joose TV Editor

  • “Transforming School Food with Jamie Oliver” (Corporate Video)
  • “Changing Diabetes” Novo Nordisk (Corporate Video)


VICE Magazine TV Editor

  • VBS.TV “Live at The Old Blue Last” (Online Video)


Momentum Pictures Motion Graphics Designer

  • “The Who, The Why the Where: The Making of Quadrophenia” Universal Pictures (Documentary)
  • Scary Movie: 4 Universal Pictures (Trailer)
  • “Universal Summer Sizzle” Universal Pictures (Trailer)
  • “80's Teen Flicks”Buena Vista Europe (Trailer)
  • “Buena Vista Animation Promo” Buena Vista International (Trailer)


Underdog Motion Graphics Designer /Editor

  • Underdogmedia Launch Party (Visual Installation)
  • The Wedding of Elton John and David Furnish (Visual Installation)
  • Criminal Clothing "Spring Collection" Underdogmedia